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This month I am working with the amazing Shakespeare in Italy group in London

I will be working with renowned Director Lucy Bailey to explore simultaneously Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’ and a new translation by Mike Poulton of the Commedia dell’Arte play, ‘Gl’Ingannati’ or ‘The Deceived’

 which it is thought Shakespeare used as his inspiration.

Full programme details below or click on the button to find out more 


Shakespeare Summer School - a week-long summer school of theatre courses
Monday 14th June - Saturday 19th June.

Shakespeare in Italy in partnership with The Playground Theatre, is holding a stimulating and exciting programme of daytime and evening workshops featuring top directors, actors, and practitioners exploring Shakespeare's texts, dramatic styles and putting scenes on their feet. This is a unique opportunity for participants, whether they be actors and directors themselves or students and Shakespeare enthusiasts, to work with some of the UK’s most accomplished artists.

To aid flexibility the daytime and evening workshops can be booked as a whole or individually. The area is spacious, with plenty of room for social distancing. The cost of the six-day programme attending all workshops is £775 with a 25 per cent discount for those under 25. For individual workshop prices and times, see below.

The Programme

Twelfth Night and GI’Ingannati
Renowned Director Lucy Bailey and Senior RSC text and voice coach Michael Corbidge will explore simultaneously Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’ and a new translation by Mike Poulton of the Commedia dell’Arte play, ‘Gl’Ingannati’ or ‘The Deceived’, which it is thought Shakespeare used as his inspiration. Lucy has directed extensively at Shakespeare’s Globe, The RSC, Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre, Theatre Royal Bath, The Crucible, Sheffield and countless other UK theatres. Michael has been teaching, writing and directing around the world and online for 35 years in theatre, drama schools, community theatre and the corporate world. 16 - 19 June (10am - 4.30pm £300).

Comedy, Tragedy, History or maybe a touch of romance
Philip Cumbus is a brilliant young actor, director and teacher, who already has performed in 14 productions at Shakespeare’s Globe. He works regularly with students at RADA and other drama schools and will bring his considerable experience to chosen texts. 14-15 June (10am - 4.30pm £150).

Sarah Sayeed is a musician, vocal artist, composer, writer and workshop facilitator who has worked at both the RSC and Globe. She has more than 15 years of experience working collaboratively with a range of artists. Over three evenings Sarah offers a range of workshops:
Free Your Voice - Discover your own natural voice, exploring different ways of working with range and dynamics. We will focus on expression, intent and clarity as we explore extracts from Shakespeare’s texts and dialogue. Monday 14th (5.30 – 9.30pm £65).
Composing Sound and Design - This session will explore ways of scoring a piece of Shakespeare’s text. We will discover natural resources the actor or performer can utilise in scoring using the body, through instruments and the voice. Tuesday 15th (5.30 – 9.30pm £65).
The Art of the Speech - What makes a good speech and how do we best approach it? Exploring different methods of approaching speech through language, meaning, voice work and delivery. Wednesday 16th (5.30 to 9.30pm £65) .

If you wish to attend all three of Sarah’s workshops, these can also be booked as a block for £180.

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Emma Lucia Hands will lead three evening sessions on one of Shakespeare’s most enduring and best loved comedies, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. A respected director and producer, for many years, along with her husband Terry Hands, Emma was part of the team that created the international reputation of Wales’ prestigious Clwyd Theatr, Cymru. Currently she is Interim Head of School at Drama Studio London. 17-19 June (5.30 to 9.30pm £180).

Event Days:
14th – 15th June 10am – 4.30pm:  Philip Cumbus - Comedy, Tragedy, History or maybe a touch of romance £150
14th June 5.30pm – 9.30pm: Sarah Sayeed - Freeing the Natural Voice £65 (£180 for 14th - 16th )
15th June 5.30pm – 9.30pm:  Sarah Sayeed - Composing, Sound and Design £65 (£180 for 14th - 16th )
16th June 5.30pm – 9.30pm:  Sarah Sayeed - The Art of the Speech £65 (£180 for 14th - 16th )
16th – 19th June 10am – 4.30pm:  Lucy Bailey and Michael Corbidge - Twelfth Night and GI’Ingannati £300
17th – 19th June 5.30pm – 9.30pm:  Emma Lucia Hands - A Midsummer Night’s Dream £180

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