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When you have one opportunity to convince an audience, whether in a client presentation, courtroom,

management update or team briefing, your message must be clear, compelling and effective.  

The Colour Voice High Impact Voice and Presentation Skills programs cover all the essential areas of successful communication: 

  • Developing a clear and persuasive proposition 

  • Using vocal techniques to engage your listeners and maintain their interest  

  • Projecting a confident and credible persona  

  • Supporting your messages with clear visuals 

  • Handling questions effectively 


I am a speech coach and provide executives with an advanced skill set appropriate to their role, level of seniority, and communication challenges. 

  • Harnessing the power of words 

  • Creating effective visuals which fit this medium 

  • Using vocal dynamics to engage the listener 

  • Maintaining vocal energy 

  • Speaking with clarity 

Conference speaking and presentations require the executive to be able to manage the dynamic of a large audience

and be comfortable speaking in an unfamiliar venue. Planning and preparation are key to ensure that the executive is able to

master these challenges and maximise the opportunity. 

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What do you need?: Text
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