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Six new Lockdown Workshops 

So, let’s turn Lockdown into a positive!

Join me for six separate days workshopping on six fascinating subjects.

All revealed in a fun, inter-active and all-inclusive way.

Saturdays10am - 5pm with an hour for lunch


£20 per day, £54 for 3 days, an amazing £80 for all 6 days! What a bargain!

Places are limited and pre - booking is essential by email only  - 





Saturday February 6th   

Let’s Lockdown Chorus

The joys of working on a chorus are immense!  Join me as I help you unlock the potential of choral speaking and some of the most glorious texts ever written! Unlock its story potential and discover the wealth of detail left on the page by Shakespeare for you to discover.


Saturday February 13th

Let’s Lockdown Actioning

Actioning can sometimes turn into one huge drudge. It often feels heavy and complicated and dull! Well! I am going to take Actioning to the car wash!  And then give it make over.  And if that’s not enough re-purpose it, up-cycle it and re-invent it! My take on Actioning is newly inspiring and it will feel like Spring has sprung! 


Saturday February 20th

Let’s Lockdown Rhetoric

This is an opportunity for you to crack open some of the skills and laws of rhetoric. I will guide you on an amazing journey with some of the most incredible speeches ever written and explain clearly and simply the powers of persuasion in speech and many of its glorious devices and thus harness an argument like no other!


Saturday February 27th

Let’s Lockdown some Sonnets!

With a wealth of Shakespeare’s incredible sonnets and magnificent poetry a workshop awaits like no other! I will take you through an enriching sound sense journey and activate all the incredible devices and hidden treasure on the page that he has challenged you to find!


Saturday March 6th 

Let’s Lockdown Mapping

My unique technique in understanding where everything is on the page and why it’s there, it’s connection to everything else and how we don’t get lost or lose the audience. It’s fun packed, visceral and exciting and suddenly the three-dimensional world is there and all we need is some Post It notes!  

Saturday March 13th

Let’s Lock into our Voices

A full-day workshop on finding your owned, safe and authentic voice.  Join me in ways of looking at the potential of your voice with simple warm ups and drill and building into a secure regime of activating your voice safely and its need to be managed, maintained and kept hygienic! Now, there’s a word! With, of course, plenty of amazing scripts to play with as well!


For booking info go to my Booking Page

Zoom etiquette: Please be in the waiting room 5 mins before class

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