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The 50 Keys of Shakespeare

Over 5 x 3 hour Saturday sessions (bookable separately)

I will unlock Shakespeare for you with my 50 keys

Key jigsaw image.jpeg

Shakespeare wants to tell wonderful stories and he only has us to do that for him.

So, he leaves us clues, jam-packed on to every single page; in fact, on every single line! 


He lets us know who his characters are and what they're feeling. 

The clues are the sounds that he leaves on the page.

I call this the 'sound-sense' of Shakespeare and my 50 KEYS unlock that sound-sense.

Join me for this five-part course taking a deep dive into Shakespeare's intentions.

Understanding those intentions and finding the voice for the role will give your voice meaning.


Each week will stand alone so you can book one or more.

I have created 50 keys to unlock Shakespeare for your own

and authentic voice.   Feel your confidence and understanding soar!

Places are limited and pre - booking is essential  - 

£20 per session

Book places for each session below.

Note that Parts 1,2 &3 start at 10:00 GMT

Parts 4 & 5 start at   14:00 BST (GMT +1)

Sorry, there is not a basket facility on the website so each week must be booked separately. 

No events at the moment
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