Westward Ho!

Well it’s been an age since I last put fingers to keyboard.

Lots to tell you about….

I do a number of workshop weekends a year and I’ve packed quite a few in recently. Recently I was in Wallingford in Oxfordshire with the Sinodun Players fab weekend there! They own their own theatre and magnificent it is to! Agatha Christie was connected to their operation for many years and is still looking over them! It’s such a warm place so full of joy and always with doors open and such a generosity of spirit.

I did a Twelfth Night jam with them and what is called an immersive Bardy Romp and Text Frolic! And boy did we Frolic!

Prepping for their production next October.

Lovely to be with some old friends and make lots of new ones.

And then there was another trip West to another fab Theatre –

The Blackmore Theatre and I was hosted by the lovely Joyce Pomeroy who looks after NODA South West.

Lovely to be in the theatre and on the stage of this lovely ‘little’ theatre.


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