Bliss on a stick!

Hi Chaps and Chapesses,

Well, this is a slightly new departure for me; a sort of blog-diary-thingy to keep you abreast of all that I do. I want to share my world with you and give you an insight to the very varied things that I’m up to. Also, to share with you the possibilities and opportunity of you joining my merry throng at key times!

To start…

I’ve been zinging my way up to Manchester as I’m working on a production of Macbeth at the incredible Royal Exchange Theatre – Sept 15th to Oct 19th. Gosh, how lucky am I? It has to be one of the most sacred landmarks in the country and the most famous. It’s the National Theatre of the North for me and one of the top 5 destination theatres.

Directed by Chris Haydon, I’m the designate voice and text coach and it’s been pure joy.

The cast are amazing and so hard working and breath-taking work in all aspects of the production. It’s going to be a real treat. Lucy Ellison is playing the title role.

Lucy Ellison as Macbeth

My job is to make sure the actors can be heard! That they are telling the story, the argument is robust and the rhetoric is adored … just to name a few things. To love, love, love and relish the language, to mine it, to excavate it, to dredge it, to juice it and to suck it like a favourite sweet.

It’s a brilliant play and one of my favourites. I’ve engaged in this production more times than I can remember, firstly as school with an ace teacher who instilled the love of the language and made the whole thing so real. She got me my A grade.

Looking ahead to 2020 I am launching 3 Shakespeare Summer Schools in a glorious 18th century hall on the border of Mid Wales and England - Bryn Tanat Hall.

The terrace at Bryn Tanat Hall

There is a new web page with the details – and to keep up with all news on the Facebook page and check out Summer Schools 2020 go to Michael Corbidge Shakespeare Summer Schools

I’ve also been working on my new play. ‘Where there’s a Will!’ I’ve been in a sort of writing lock down with my co-partner-in-crime Lucy and we’ve been hard at it from morn ‘til dusk for 5 days with some air to go to the beach, swim and have the odd picnic!

We’ve achieved a goodly deal. We have a first draft deadline at the end of November so we are in good shape. It’s been a real joy to explore together and I love working collaboratively - you seem to get so much more done quickly.

This play is scheduled for a tour in the autumn 2020 in Northern Ireland. So, a year from now. I will update you with it all in more detail as we go along. Very exciting.

I’m starting to prep for the new teaching year: I have a new drama school this year East 15 and I’m teaching a directing block until Christmas. It’s an ensemble piece of theatre so looking at choices for a big cast and lots for all to do. Lots of plays to sift through but I bought 30 for a quid each at the NODA summer school in their book sale so I have plenty to keep me occupied.

Coming up soon is the work at Rose Bruford this semester teaching the American students - quite soon in fact as they start a little earlier. It’s my slam-dunk-hit-the-ground-running-immersive-first-port-of-call-beginners course! Brilliant fun always a joy to deliver and I just watch the scales fall from their eyes.

The LADS theatre group at Chirk Castle

I’m visiting a number of regional amateur theatre companies this Autumn - some familiar and old friends, some new so that will be exciting. A weekend of fun and frolics with the Bard. The pic is of the LADS’ cast prepping Richard III at Chirk Castle.

A good way to see the country and the ever-changing landscape.

I’ve been asked to teach in Vienna and Oslo as well and I’ve got my usual gigs in Paris.

Stratford always beckons as well ‘The Mother Ship’ I call it in the Stratters-Sphere…see what I did there ... Stratford..Shakespeare….LOL!

I’m presenting workshops in Paris this Autumn for the British Council to chivvy them along a tad as I’m hopefully going to be part of a team that curates a summer Shakespeare festival at the Chateau in Vincennes in 2021. Many of you know my work in Paris at the Cartoucherie in the fab Bois de Vincennes. Always glorious, always incredible. My partner in crime and fellow directing associate is Christina Batman – Yes, you heard right - we are Batman and Corbidge! What’s not to like - and we intend to take Paris by Storm just as they did in 1789!

Plans are afoot to launch and re-activate my ‘Garden Shakespeare’ Company next summer to do two Shakespeare plays in rep and tour locally. As You Like It and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I have a pro fundraiser and two new board members and some movers and shakers and an admin bod as well and all I need is 30k to do it. So, anyone with any spare cash let me know! We did it in 2017 to huge acclaim and success. It was just a ‘simple-try’ out but worked perfectly and I still get stopped in the street about it.

Well that’s a little bit of a catch up and itsy-bitsy glance into my work windows this autumn.

Best to you all and enjoy these remaining gorgeous summer days my landscape here is just amazing the fields are these incredible browns and the mists now hang in the morning and it’s just so romantic it’s like Thomas Hardy and I hear his writing in the views. Dreamy ethereal and bliss on a stick!



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