Advocacy through Shakespeare

Two weeks ago I was on a train heading West to Cardiff and then on to Swansea.

An interesting few days. At this time of year I get to do something completely different and work with a whole new group of students.

Not your typical drama students - they are in fact law students. For the past 5 years I’ve been going to Cardiff law school to workshop with first year Advocacy students. I’ve added a new University to the mix and am off to Swansea as well. After their 3 years of ‘noses in a books’ they now have to get up on their feet and put what they’ve learned into practise.

To re-create the setting of the court in all its ways, shapes and forms.

I share with them many of the aspects of actor training as there’s a massive cross over and skills they will need that can easily be transferred. How the combination of Body, Voice and Text works together for great delivery of a speech. We use Shakespeare’s text to look at rhetoric and how the argument is formed and its power as a persuasive argument.

Always a great experience!


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