Friday  3rd July to Thursday 9th July 2020


Join me for an intensive six days of exciting text detection and play building.

Dive into the script like never before in a workshop with a million tips, tricks and resources all laid out in a dynamic and fun way. Dozens of exercises to help firm up and build the foundations and secure the world of this play. Establishing good collaboration, team building and ensemble etiquette.

Study will include:

Monologues, Duologues, Scenes, Sonnets, Rhetoric explored, Actioning investigated, Scene building. Chorus,

Text detection. Building the key.

This 6 day course is suitable for any Shakespeare enthusiast and provides the perfect opportunity for you to immerse yourself in Shakespeare’s texts and develop your knowledge and understanding of his plays and poetry.

"The whole week was well structured, moved at the right pace for the class as a whole (Michael checked frequently along the way), we were a mutually supportive group that bonded quickly and basically we were in such good hands - what's not to like??"


At the same time you will gain insights into the creative processes that underpin how a company works as this course also has an ensemble element built in!

The course draws on the classical aspects of my core teaching.  Four decades as a classical actor, director, voice and text practitioner and teacher combining the rehearsal of text with classes in essential skills.

I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table not least the last 10 years with the Royal Shakespeare Company, my passion for voice and language and my love of teaching.

"For me the highlight of this summer school was the absolute professionalism of the course tutor - he was so inspiring and encouraging.

Michael is an inspirational tutor who makes you just want to get out there and do some Shakespeare immediately!"

This intensive 6 day summer school aims to develop acting, movement and voice skills which are required to creatively engage with heightened classical text.

  • Throughout the course you will work in an immersive way to develop understanding, explore established and innovative practice, and apply new knowledge in a practical and professional setting.

  • Become acquainted with the essentials of textual analysis

  • Learn how to explore heightened text, verse-speaking and imagery and explore techniques which can enhance character development and story-telling

  • Gain an understanding of how to embody the voice and explore physicality in the performance of classical texts

 "This is a major opportunity to experience a visceral connection to sounds, words and text allowing words to live in space un-hindered by expectations.  Michael has a genius tool box which opens and is full of tried and tested exercises that slowly build freeing sounds and words without looking for immediate sense or emotional logic. His secure, safe and fun exploration builds and maintains a way into text before we approach it in a more academic way.  His environment is safe and unthreatening and great fun! I didn’t need to know anything! No prior knowledge or experience with Shakespeare is necessary!"

Friday 10th July to Monday 13th July 2020 and
Tuesday 14th July to Friday 17th July 2020


In a beautiful and intimate countryside setting let’s take Shakespeare to the next level. Surrounded by the stunning vista of Welsh hills this is an ideal opportunity to let Shakespeare’s language live in natural surroundings. Explore Shakespeare’s plays in their natural environment.

In a small group this three day workshop intensifies the training and becomes more ‘bespoke.’ Tailoring characters to actors and working closely with the individual voice and the ‘acting tool box’.

Discover the essence of acting Shakespeare  and discover Elemental Shakespeare.

"Every time I open my mouth to do one of my speeches, I feel alive like I never have while acting before in my life. It's a real pumping feeling, and as opposed to being an actor saying the speech, I AM the character. It's a really beautiful feeling."

There will be work inside and in the local countryside as nature influenced so much of Shakespeare's writing.

"Michael took me to a myriad of outstanding locations in the depths of nature, at these locations Michael asked me to perform my speeches in multiple different ways.


I can't really explain the benefit of these exercises, it's something you have to feel for yourself."

I will take you out into the surrounding countryside to find the heart in your voice.

Saturday 18th July 2020


A poetic day workshopping and a chance to unlock some of the 154 Sonnets penned by the master poet William Shakespeare.

An opportunity to get up close and vocally personal with his themes of love, beauty mortality and the passage of time.

Whether they are spoken to the fair youth, or the rival poet or indeed the fair lady, whether fictitious or autobiographical we are going on a Sonnet Hunt that’s for sure with some visceral and physical text detecting thrown in. All equipment provided.

This workshop will provide participants with some of the essential skills and fundamental tool kit to explore the Voice and Shakespeare’s poetry actively and so build secure text detection and vocal strategies that are exciting, dynamic and fun enabling you to release the poetry beast within!

No experience necessary

Sonnet Monster Costumes provided!

To register your interest without commitment or to ask a question just complete the CONTACT here.


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